Christian Neverdal is a leading figure in the realm of Agile practices in Norway, with a particular emphasis on Kanban, DevOps, and Scrum.

Mastery in Professional Kanban

Christian’s expertise in Kanban is backed by his credentials from, an organization dedicated to teaching a non-prescriptive, pragmatic approach to Kanban. Christian holds all the certifications from, which reflect his comprehensive understanding of Kanban principles and practices, and his ability to guide teams towards improved workflow and delivery.

Moreover, Christian is a reviewer of Kanplexity. This role emphasizes Christian’s deep understanding of applying Kanban principles in managing complex and unpredictable work.

DevOps and Beyond

A member of the Stack Overflow community for 13 years, Christian has showcased his technical skills and his ability to solve complex problems efficiently. His involvement in the community demonstrates his dedication to the tech industry, as well as his proficiency in Python, Java, C++, and Scala​​.

Scrum Expertise

Christian’s Scrum knowledge is fortified by a multitude of certifications from He holds the Professional Scrum Master I, II, and III certifications, the Professional Scrum Product Owner I and II certifications, the Professional Scrum Developer I certification, and the Scaled Professional Scrum certification. Furthermore, he is certified in Professional Agile Leadership and has earned a special certification for Professional Scrum with Kanban. These accreditations are a testament to his comprehensive understanding of Scrum practices and principles, which he has honed through numerous Scrum training courses​​.

Christian’s knowledge and expertise in Professional Kanban, DevOps, and Scrum make him a valuable asset and a leading figure in Agile practices in Norway. With a deep understanding of these methodologies, he is well-equipped to guide organizations and teams towards more efficient and effective practices.